Mopar Restoration parts made in the USA!!

These are all used parts we have for sale. If you are interested in one or more please contact us for payment!(775)751-3849

late 60's plymouth emblem .9" long , three studs on rear, Good condition, needs detailed

pn 2185791  $35.00

mid 60's plymouth CommandoV8 emblem.

5.5" long. nice condition, needs detailed. pn 2578632  $40.00

early 70's Dodge ClubCab100 emblem.

7" long x 3" high nice condition, need detailed pn 3731048  $45.00

Mid 60's plymouth Fury emblem, 5"x3"

3 studs on rear. Good condition, needs detailed pn 2524233 $40.00

Early 70's plymouth sattelite Sebring

emblem. pealing and pitting. 4 x 1.5"


Early 70's Charger SE emblems. 2.5" round, nice chrome, needs detailed

pn 3613823 $50.00 pr.

1964-65 dodge Coronet emblem. 9.5"x1.5" some minor pitting.4 studs on rear. needs detailed pn 2579808


1971-72 plymouth sattelite Sebring grill emblem. 7"x.5 nice chrome, needs detailed.on pin broke on back

pn 3442765 $20.00

Dodge Charger Emblem. nice chrome, 3 studs on rear, needs detailed

pn 2902306  $30.00

Early 70's dodge truck emblem. Nice chrome, needs detailed. 2 studs on rear. pn 2898335 $35.00

Dodge charger emblem.i think it's early 70's grill.5" long,nice chrome, needs detailed . pn 2998276  $30.00

1972 challenger Grill emblem, 2 studs on reart, nice chrome, needs detailed.

7' long. pn 3576505 $40.00

Early 70's dodge truck adventurer emblems. Very nice condition,need detailed. $50.00 Pr

1973-74 Dodge charger SE sail panel emblem. Very nice condition 2.6" round

pn 3680828 $45.00

1970-71 plymouth barracuda Gran coupe

emblems, nice condition, 5"long, needs detailed pn 3415646 $50.00

1971 dodge dart frt frnder bezels.

will clena up good for driver quality car pn 3574118 & 9 $25.00 Pr.

1971 & 72 dodge charger front fender stainless trim piece/drivers side


1968 plymouth fury fender badges, nice shape, need detailed pn 2786336

$20.00 PR.

Not sure what this is to :

nice part pn 3443110 minor pitting


Dodge division horn button. I believe for 67-68 dodge. not perfect but nice pn2823023 $20.00 

71&72 dodge charger frt fender rear trim pieces (go on the rear edge of the fender $10.00 each

1967 dodge charger trim. looks to go on the Rf fender to house the fender Signal pn 2606901  $20.00

69 dodge coronet tail panel trim pieces.Left and Right side. driver quality pieces (need polished)

$25.00 Pr 

1967 dodge coronet 500 quarter panel trim pieces. will clean up nice

pn 2602330 $ $10.00 each

1969 Dodge charger tail panel trim pieces. right side ( driver quality parts) pn 2965770 $15.00 each

1970 E body frt side marker lite assemblies. will clean up nicely pn 3403620 $50.00 each

1970 dodge charger hood signal housings. good restorable parts.

$30 each

1970 charger hood signal lenses, nice original pieces.

$45.00 EA

1968-69 dodge charger hood signal retainers, these are OE parts, need cleaned up.  $25.00 ea

1968-69 dodge charger hood signal housing. OE part number 2853608


1970-71 plymouth rear side marker light assembly pn 3403805 


1971 dodge charger frt side marker light housing and bezel. nicw usable parts. pn 3709077  $40.00

1970 plymouth rear side marker light assemblies. very nice just need cleaned pn 3403826 $50.00 ea

1973-74 dodge charger left quarter panel extension pn 3615809


1971-72 dodge charger quarter panel extensions pn 3445518 & 19 

$25.00 each

1970 mopar B body lower dash pad.. left of steering column. blue no cracks $40.00

1968 dodgr dart front bumperettes. kinda rough, need restored

$20.00 pr.